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Most people have become leery of using just any auto repair shop and prefer to stick with one they trust. In order to provide quality service their customers can trust while keeping their prices competitive, shop owners and fleet service companies need suppliers they can count on to keep their own costs low while gaining them access to readily available, high quality inventory. Brown Engineering is just that supplier. From spill containment products to motor oils, Brown offers a full line of the products you need to keep your shop purring like a kitten.


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 Brown Engineering can give you access to the complete line of quality Total Lubricants Products for passenger cars, motorcycles, and transport and public works vehicles. Due to our 70+ year relationship with Total, and our master distributor status, we’re able to offer this all-encompassing line of automotive lubricants at very competitive prices. 

  • Classic Series: motor oils for general passenger cars and light trucks  
  • Classic Series Semi-Synthetic: synthetic motor oil for passenger cars, light trucks and SUV’s that helps to extend the time between oil changes  
  • Quartz Series: full synthetic performance motor oils designed for today’s high performance engines  
  • Fuel Economy Series: low SAP design for diesel motor carrier fleets 

jet lube anti-seize photoIn addition, Brown Engineering offers you access to product lines like Jet Lube and Tri-Flow for anti-seize, thread sealing, and high performance grease applications.



 Fun Fact

In 1905, when Brown Engineering was founded, there were only 8,000 cars in the U.S., and only 144 miles of paved roads!!!


high temp engine paintApplications for automotive aerosols are almost endless. There are specific cleaners for brakes, carburetors, fuel-injection systems, and all types of shop cleaning supplies. And, there are reconditioning products and engine degreasers, not to mention high-temp paints, penetrating oils, belt dressings, and rust inhibitors. No matter what aerosol application you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it through Brown Engineering!


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From safety cabinets to lubricant handling, Brown Engineering has all of the equipment you need to make you more efficient:



browns-busters-logoKeeping your shop clean is not only safer for you, your staff, and your customers, it also plays a huge roll in your efficiency. Make sure that when you’re stocking up, you include some of the great products Brown has to offer.

grime_grabbersMUST TRY: Brown’s Busters, our own line of industrial cleaning products created especially for serious dirt, includes Grime Grabbers. Perfect for mechanics, these handy, hand wipes come in canisters for easy access to great smelling, industrial strength, cleaner-soaked, disposable cloths!

DO YOU STILL USE RAGS?! After repeated use and the expense of washing, rags don’t clean or absorb as well as they may once have, and never really get totally clean.  Instead try some of the fantastic SPC Brady products that we carry.  They’re always clean & disposable, come in rolls or boxes, and absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquids!  The added benefit…NO LAUNDERING REQUIRED!Brady Photo

SPILLS & LEAKS: Every seasoned mechanic knows that spills and leaks are unavoidable. Although you can’t prevent them, you CAN be prepared! Brown Engineering offers a complete line of spill containment products and granular absorbents to help you stay prepared for those messy situations when they arise.

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